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The Rigtec Air Frame is the ultimate projector rigging frame, offering a quick and reliable solution for hanging and stacking projectors.  Designed by experts, they have superior build quality and thoughtful features that will ensure you unlock the full creative potential of your projectors.

Rigtec Air Frames from two different angles to show off a redesign

Completely redesigned

Rigtec have redesigned every part of the Air Frame for improved performance and usability.

Floor mounting has been a key area of development. Rigtec have designed the Air Frames to allow the frame to sit flat on the floor in all orientations, eliminating the uneven rocking movement seen in previous generations. 

Rigtec have also ensured the adjustment system can now be operated in all floor mounted orientations allowing full versatility and precision.

Creative projection made easy

The Atom Grip is the essential hanging accessory to suspend Air Frames quickly and safely in three different orientations, whilst also offering 25° tilt and 360° rotation.

Rigtec Airframe in portrait orientation with Atom Grip


Rigtec Airframe in landscape orientation with Atom Grip


Rigtec Airframe in floor projection orientation with Atom Grip

Floor Projection

Four point hanging

Swivel Clamps can be used to suspend a stack of Air Frames, or suspend one Air Frame in various orientations.

Rigtec Air Frame Four Point Right Portrait


Rigtec Air Frame Four Point Right Landscape


Rigtec Air Frame Four Point Right Floor

Floor Projection

One Rigtec Air Frame stacked on top of another

Simple Stacking Solution

Air Frames simply stack together by interlocking the stacking connectors and securing them in place with the supplied locking pins. 

Once secured, the stacked frames can be suspended using an Atom Grip or Swivel Clamps.

Fine tune projection set ups

The Adjustment System allows the installed projector’s position to be adjusted in small increments to fine tune projection set ups. The Adjustment System is made up of the rear handle, to adjust the the Yaw. The two front handles can be used to adjust the Roll and the Pitch of the projector.

Rigtec Air Frame from the left showing yaw adjustments

Pitch Adjustment

Rigtec Air Frame from above showing yaw adjustments

Yaw Adjustment

Rigtec Air Frame from the front showing yaw adjustments

Roll Adjustment

Rigtec Air Frame X-40 Projector Frame with Barco G100

Rugged design to protect your projector

The Air Frame is built to last, it offers 360° protection to your projector, helping to protect it from any knocks and scrapes.

Find your Air Frame

Choose your projector brand and model:

Air Frame Range

Seven Air Frames, compatible with a huge range of projectors from the key projector manufacturers.