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Technical Specification


Name: Air Frame X-50 
Part Number: AF02-X50
Weight: 27.9kg / 61.51 lbs


Roll Adjustment: ±3.2° 
Pitch Adjustment: +2.4° / -2.3° 
Yaw Adjustment: ±3.3°


Max. Projector & Lens Weight: 80kg / 176.37 lbs
Landscape WLL: 224kg / 493.84 lbs
Portrait WLL: 109kg / 240.30 lbs
Floor WLL: 109kg / 240.30 lbs


Max. Ground Stack: 3 Air Frames 
Max. Suspended Stack with Atom Grip: 2 Air Frames
Max. Suspended Stack with Swivel Couplers: 2 Air Frames

Compatible Projectors

Compatible Panasonic models



Custom Builds

Rigtec have a solution for all projectors.  If your projector is not compatible with our standard Air Frames, we can create a custom solution to work for you.

Air Frame Range

Seven Air Frames, compatible with a huge range of projectors from the key projector manufacturers.

Atom Grip Range

Rigtec Atom Grips are the ideal solution for suspending an Air Frame; offering precision, flexibility and safety.