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The Rigtec Atom Grip is the essential projector hanging bracket.  Once attached to an Air Frame, the Atom Grip offers 25° tilt and 360° rotation, enabling precise adjustments.  The Atom Grip can suspend a stack of Air Frames in a landscape orientation. Or it can be used to hang a single projector in landscape, portrait or projecting straight down on to the floor. The Atom Grip brings a new level of creativity to your events.

Three Orientations, Endless Possibilities.

Get creative with your projection installations.  The Air Frame features three mounting plates, simply attach an Atom Grip to the required plate for portrait, landscape or floor projection.

Three Rigtec Airframes hanging in three different orientations, portrait, landscape and floor projection
Rigtec Atom Grip suspending a stack of Rigtec Airframes

Suspend Multiple Projectors

The Atom Grip makes suspending multiple projectors easy.  Projectors fitted with an Air Frame can be stacked together and suspended from a single point using an Atom Grip, reducing set up time without sacrificing the safety of the install.

Fast Adjustment System

The Atom Grip features an adjustment system which offers 25° tilt and 360° rotation, enabling precision adjustments or creative angled projection. The Adjustment System operates in three easy steps.

Rigtec Atom Grip Adjustments Handle Release

1. Release the handle.

Rigtec Atom Grip Adjustments

2. Use the 25° tilt and 360° rotation to position your projector.

Rigtec Atom Grip Adjustments Handle Lock

3. Tighten the handle, to lock the Atom Grip in position.

Huge Lifting Capabilities

There’s an Atom Grip for every requirement, with WWL options up to 370KG, find the right model for your next project.

Rigtec Atom Grip

Atom Grip
WWL: 245KG

Rigtec Atom Grip Duo

Atom Grip Duo
WWL: 295KG

Rigtec Atom Grip HD

Atom Grip HD
WWL: 370KG

Atom Grip attached to truss

Maximum Grip

Designed to provide the highest levels of safety whilst simplifying the installation process, the Atom Grip features a clamp that grips the full circumference of the rigging bar.  This provides maximum grip and minimises the chance of the clamp slipping or twisting.

Twin Point Hanging

The Atom Grip Duo is the perfect projector hanging bracket for heavier projectors.  The twin point hanging system allows the weight of the projector to be balanced between the truss chords to help prevent the truss from twisting – even when angling the projector.  The clamps can be adjusted to work with different truss sizes, with popular truss sizes labelled to speed up the installation.

Rigtec Atom Grip Duo Suspending a projector from a truss

Atom Grip Range

Rigtec Atom Grips are the ideal solution for suspending an Air Frame; offering precision, flexibility and safety.