Plate Adapter

Key Features:

  • Compatible with the Atom Grip
  • Easy Install with Captive Fixings
  • Custom made for a huge range of Projectors

The Plate Adapter is an alternative solution to the Rental Frame, it offers a cost effective way of attaching a single projector to the Atom Grip for hanging applications.

The Plate Adapter was originally designed for smaller projectors to create a ‘One Mount – Fits All’ scenario for the Atom Grip.  Originally with rental in mind it meant that all projectors in a hire fleet could utilise the same mounting system, with large projectors in Rental Frames and smaller projectors having accompanying Plate Adapters.  This makes the most of the flexibility and ease of use that the Atom Grip offers. Since then the Plate Adapters have also been used for larger projectors in scenarios where stacking multiple projectors would not be required, offering a cost effective solution to getting a single projector in the air with a reliable and extremely adjustable mount.

The Plate Adapter is fitted with captive screws to attach to the projector and has fixed threads to allow connection with the captive screws on the Atom Grip.  Therefore it’s a great solution for Rental Stock as the essential accessories are always there avoiding any issues for the end user whilst rigging.

Cost Effective

The Plate Adapter offers a cost effective solution for rigging a projector.

Fixed Attachment Accessories

The plate features captive screws for attaching to the projector and is threaded ready for connection to the Atom Grip.

Compatible with a Wide Range of Projectors

The Adapter Plate can be designed for any projector, they can also be customised to fit multiple projectors.  So please contact us to find out what options we have available for you.

Designed for use with the Atom Grip

The Adapter Plate was designed for use with the Atom Grip which adds a flexible rigging solution, with captive fixings it is always ready to attach to the Frame and offers 25° of tilt and 360° of rotation for fast and accurate adjustments.

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