Atom Grip Duo

Key Features:

  • Easy Install with Captive Fixings (M6 or M8)
  • Compatible with Rigtec and Third Party Rental Frames
  • 295KG Safe Working Load
  • Clamp Tube Diameter Ø38-51mm
  • Compatible with truss from 204mm to 355mm (8 Inch – 14 Inch)
  • Black Finish

The Atom Grip Duo is a twin point, tilt & swivel flying adapter which can be mounted to all Rigtec Air Frames and other third-party rental frames.  The Atom Grip Duo has been designed with heavier projectors in mind, like the Barco UDX series and can support enough weight for double stacked projectors.  With a twin point hanging system, the Atom Grip Duo can take full advantage of the adjustments without the truss twisting, which can be an issue when rigging extremely heavy projectors at an angle with a single point attachment.
Designed for hanging on box truss, the Atom Grip Duo features adjustable clamps which and can be located in several positions for use with different sizes of truss.  Popular truss sizes are labelled on the adjustment bar to allow for quick set up.
The Atom Grip Duo offers a simple solution for twin point projector hanging, with captive fixings it can be easily attached to a projector rental frame.  Angled adjustments can be achieved via the ratchet handle, moving the handle to the right loosens the mechanism to allow 25° tilt and 360° rotation.  Moving the handle back to the right locks the adjustments in position.

The Atom Grip Duo will mount onto other manufacturers frames, including the following:

    • Barco UDX Frame [R9801194] (This Frame fits the following Barco projectors: UDX-4K22, UDX-4K26, UDX-4K32, UDX-4K40, UDX-U32, UDX-U40, UDX-W22, UDX-W26, UDX-W32, UDX-W40)
    • Barco F80 Adjustable Rigging Frame [R9802230] (This Frame fits the following Barco projectors: F80-4K12, F80-4K7, F80-4K9, F80-Q12, F80-Q7, F80-Q9)
    • Barco F90 / F70 Rigging Frame [R9802224] (This Frame fits the following Barco projectors: F70-4K6, F70-4K8, F70-W6, F70-W8, F90-4K13, F90-W13, FL40-4K, FL40-WU, FS40-4K, FS40-WU)

(Rigtec Atom Grips are a Barco approved compatible accessory, as shown here: Barco 3rd Party Accessories)

Adjustable Clamp Positions

The position of the two quick trigger clamps can be adjusted to suit different sizes of truss, they can be positioned to attached to trusses between 204mm and 355mm (8 Inch – 14 Inch)- Popular truss sizes are labelled on the adjustment bar to speed up rigging times.

Fixed Attachment Accessories

Install and setup is always quick and easy, the Atom Grip Duo features captive fixings meaning it’s always ready to be attached to a compatible accessory.

Quick & Easy Adjustments

The Atom Grip Duo offers a fast solution to angling a projector hanging from truss.  Featuring a ratchet handle operated mechanism, the Atom Grip Duo can quickly be loosened with a turn of the handle, placed into the correct position and locked off with another turn of the handle – No extra tools required.

Compatibility Options

All Rigtec flying adapters mount to Rigtec Air Frames via the provided M8 bolts. Rigtec also provide M6 Bolts as standard, this allows the flying adapter to be used with other third party rental frames if required.

Maximum Stability & Grip

The twin point hanging system offered by the Atom Grip Duo provides increased stability when hanging projectors, this allows the projector to be balanced between both chords of the truss helps distribute the weight evenly and prevent the truss from twisting – Even when positioning the projector at an angle.  Doubling up the clamps increases the grip on the bar and eliminates the decreased grip which can be seen with quick trigger clamps.  The Atom Grip Duo is compatible with bars or truss with a diameter of  38mm-51mm.

Part Number: AGA01-D
Flying Weight (kg): 6.7
SWL: 295kg
Material: Aluminium
Adjustment: 25° tilt & 360° rotation
Truss Size: 204mm and 355mm (8 Inch – 14 Inch)
Tube Diameter: Ø38-51mm
Bolt Size: 4 x M8 / 4 x M6

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