Atom Grip +

Key Features:

  • Easy Install with Captive Fixings (M6 or M8)
  • Compatible with Rigtec, Barco & Panasonic Frames
  • 245KG Safe Working Load
  • Clamp Tube Diameter Ø48-51mm
  • Easily Adjustable Once Rigged
  • Black Finish

The Atom Grip + is a single point, tilt & swivel bracket which has been designed to mount onto any Rigtec Rental Frame, it’s uprated SWL makes it a great choice for hanging larger projectors. The Atom Grip + will mount onto other manufacturers frames, including the following:

    • Barco UDX Frame (R9801194)
    • Barco F80 Adjustable Rigging Frame (R9802230)
    • Barco F90 Rigging Frame (R9802224)
    • Panasonic ET-RFD32 Rental Frame
    • Panasonic ET-RFD21 Rental Frame
    • Panasonic ET-RFD91 Rental Frame

The Atom Grip + offers a straight forward and practical solution to rigging projectors, with 25° of tilt and 360° of rotation it’s extremely flexible and makes adjustments very simple. With an uprated safe working load of 245KG this mount is suitable for hanging a double stack of any of the listed projectors.

Fixed Attachment Accessories

Install and setup is always quick and easy, the Atom Grip + features captive fixings meaning it’s always ready to be attached to a compatible accessory.

Extra Versatility with Rigtec’s Rigging Accessories

The Atom Grip + is compatible with all of the other products in our range of Projector Rigging Solutions:

  • The Rental Frame, offers a simple and reliable solution for stacking and hanging projectors. With interlocking spigots, the frames can simply be stacked on top of each other and locked into position without the need for any additional accessories.  The Atom Grip + simply attaches to the frame allowing the projector and frame to be flown from truss.
  • The Portrait/Floor Adapter can be clamped onto the Rental Frame, then when used in conjunction with the Atom Grip it opens up the creative possibilities of portrait and floor projection.

Part Number: AGA01-L
Flying Weight (kg): 4.3
SWL: 245kg
Material: Aluminium
Adjustment: 25° tilt & 360° rotation
Tube Diameter: Ø48-51mm
Bolt Size: 4 x M8 / 4 x M6

Rigtec Atom Grip + User Guide

Rigtec Atom Grip Brochure

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