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Rigtec Air Plates are the perfect projector hanging plate, offering a lightweight and cost effective solution to unlock all the rigging benefits of the Atom Grip without requiring a full projector rigging frame. With a substantially smaller footprint and a huge weight reduction over a full rigging frame, Air Plates are a great choice for permanent installations and theatre venues. Each plate is compatible with a variety of projector models, making the Air Plate an extremely versatile solution for any rental inventory.

Rigtec Air Plate Hanging

Low profile and a huge weight saving

The Air Plate has been designed for scenarios when a full projector rigging frame is either not required or is not a viable option. Venues with low ceilings, low SWL rigging points or tight sight lines, such as theatres, can benefit from the advantages of rigging from an Atom Grip whilst minimising the overall size of the projector rigging and keeping the hanging weight to a minimum.

Creative projection made easy

The Atom Grip is the essential hanging accessory to suspend our projector hanging plate quickly and safely whilst also offering 25° tilt and 360° rotation.

Rigtec Air Plate Hanging with adjusted angles on Atom Grip
Rigtec Air Plate attaching to Projector

The perfect rental solution

Each Air Plate works with a variety of different projector models from various manufacturers, making the Air Plate an extremely versatile addition to any Rental Inventory.

Maximum efficiency

Rigtec knows what’s important when on site, so all products are designed for maximum efficiency. The Air Plate is no different, featuring on board accessory storage. The bolts, washers and spacers will always be on hand for a hassle free set up.

Rigtec Air Plate P10 Bolts, Spacers and Washers

Find your Air Plate

Choose your projector brand and model:

Air Plate Range

Rigtec Air Plates are the ideal solution for suspending a projector when weight and size must be kept to a minimum.